Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

What is Delta Airlines’ Baggage Policy?

Have you booked a flight on Delta Airlines and are not aware of the airline’s baggage policy? Travelers can find a complete guide on the Delta Airlines baggage policy and pack bags accordingly to avoid paying luggage fees.

When you travel with Delta, you get to enjoy a lot of amazing services, including baggage. Moreover, you can check in 24 hours before departure and notify the airline of the number of bags. If you have already checked in, leave your luggage at Baggage Drop. After that, visit the check-in counter to pay the bag fees at the airport.

About Delta Airlines Baggage Policies

Delta Airlines’ baggage policies differ with checked and carry-on bag requirements. Similarly, the fees will be different for each bag. For instance,

Carry-on baggage conditions

  • Flyers can take one carry-on bag and a personal item on the flight without paying an additional fee. Moreover, your personal item may be eligible if you take a purse, laptop bag, handbag, or similar stuff.
  • You must keep the things underneath the seat ahead of you on the plane.
  • There are certain exceptions on carry-on bags for flyers flying with an infant in arms or pets in the cabin.
  • Flight attendants can help with strollers or any other special items, including child safety devices, assistive devices, or wheelchairs.
  • The total size of the carry-on baggage should not exceed 114 cm or 45 inches. The measurements also include wheels and do not applies to small musical instruments.
  • The airline imposes no maximum weight restrictions on carry-on bags except in certain situations.
  • When flying on connection flights with 50 or fewer seats, carry a personal item due to limited space onboard.

Checked baggage conditions

  • You are allowed to take three checked bags on the flight by paying extra baggage fees.
  • Moreover, the maximum size of the bag should be 158 cm or 62 inches.
  • Delta SkyMiles Medallion and American Express Card members can fly with the first checked bag for free.
  • In addition, the checked luggage fee may vary with routes and fare types.

How much is the Delta Airlines Baggage Fees?

Passengers have to submit Delta Airlines baggage fees while check-in at the airport beginning 24 hours before departure. Moreover, the bag charges differ for checked and carry-on bags.

Here is the price structure for each bag on Delta Airlines.

Checked Baggage Fees

  • The fee for the first checked bag is $30 each way. Moreover, you can tag one personal item and a carry-on bag for no extra fees.
  • The airline charges $40 for the second standard luggage each way.

Carry-on Bag Fees

  • Flyers don’t have to pay a Delta Airline baggage fee for carrying one carry-on bag and personal stuff on board.

What items are Prohibited on Delta Flights?

Delta Airlines ensures complete safety and comfort to the passengers during the flight. Therefore, they have imposed strict restrictions on certain items by not allowing customers to take them on flights.

Visit the TSA page to see the guidelines on the baggage policy on Delta Airlines and check the list of prohibited items.

  • Flammables
  • Explosives or Fireworks
  • Batteries
  • Aerosols like cooking spray or anti-static spray
  • Bleach, pesticides, or drain cleaners
  • Fuels like Gasoline or Sterno cans
  • Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, freezers, and dehumidifiers
  • Ready to Eat meals
  • Motorized riding suitcases, hoverboards, or balance gliders

Guidelines on Excess and Overweight Baggage

Once you exceed the limit of the baggage, the airline will consider your bags as overweight or excess luggage. Moreover, there will be separate fees for each bag. But exceptions shall apply to active Military and Medallion members.

Here are the following things that you must keep in mind about the airline’s excess or overweight baggage policy.

  • You can check up to ten bags on Delta or Delta Shuttle flights.
  • Moreover, take four bags on connection carrier flights.
  • You have to pay a special Delta Airline baggage fee for bags exceeding the maximum size and weight limits.
  • Connection flights may accept excess baggage on a space-available basis. If your baggage doesn’t fit in the same flight you are boarding, the airline will send the stuff on the next available flight.
  • The airline will accept videotape, lighting, and sound equipment when tendered by executives of network or local TV broadcasting firms.

How much are the Delta Airlines Luggage Fees for Excess Baggage?

Delta Airlines charges baggage fees for flights operating within domestic routes, including the US, the Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico. Moreover, the fee may vary with different types of bags.

  • As per baggage policy for Delta Airlines, you will have to pay $150 for the third checked bag.
  • Moreover, pay $200 each for taking four to ten bags.
  • If your bag’s weight is between 23 and 31.75 kg, the overweight baggage charges will be $100. You have to pay $200 for excess baggage from 32 to 45.36 kg.
  • Bags exceeding 45.36 kilograms will not be accepted.

How much are Delta Airlines’ International Baggage Fees?

If you are bringing extra bags on an international flight, pay the additional charges based on the below chart.

  • For flights between U.S/Canada, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, the baggage fee is between $150-$200.
  • When flying from U.S/Canada to Mexico, Delta Airlines’ international baggage fees will be around $180 and $200.
  • The baggage fees will be between $200 and $285 for flights from U.S./Canada to Guatemala City.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is checking a bag free on Delta?

You can check your first bag and a personal item without paying Delta Airlines luggage fees. Moreover, you can save up to $60 when flying on a round trip per person.

What does Delta charges for a carry-on bag?

Each passenger can take one carry-on bag and a personal item on the flights for free. In addition, the personal items include a purse, suitcase, laptop bag, and an item of a similar kind.

How can I save Baggage Fees on Delta Airlines?

You can try to travel with less baggage and for that, you have to pack light. Otherwise, join the loyalty program and earn and redeem miles on baggage services.

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