Did you know you can save a lot on travel by being with a bigger group? You should check out the Delta Airlines Group Travel that helps many tourists like you enjoy trips with a big group while still saving on budget.

As per the group booking rules from Delta, 10 or more people can fly together in the same fare type and class. The biggest advantage is that it reduces hassle with documents as one person can confirm everybody’s booking.

Moreover, to use this service, one of the group’s people must call the reservations to check availability. The minimum time for group bookings with Delta is 48 hours before the departure of your desired flight.

What Is Delta Airlines Group Booking?

Certain terms and conditions are implemented on group travel on Delta Airlines. Moreover, the airline holds the right to make any changes to the terms at any time without prior notice.

  • Under Delta Airlines group travel, ten or more passengers can fly together under the same reservation. In case you fail to meet the requirements of ten passengers, the airline will cancel the reservation.
  • Moreover, to make any changes to the group flight ticket, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions.
  • Group travelers have to pay an additional fee for adding more people to the same itinerary.
  • Suppose you make any changes under the Group Travel contract. In that case, the airline will impose some conditions on your travel.
  • In addition, the airline charges a non-refundable fee to hold a group flight reservation.
  • Most importantly, SkyMiles upgrades are not available for group travelers. Moreover, the fare is calculated depending on certain rules when making flight reservations.
  • Delta Airlines also imposes certain restrictions on group travel based on the routes, travel dates, and destinations.
  • No minor or senior discount shall apply on group reservations.

Make An Online Delta Airlines Group Travel Booking Via The Site

Passengers can make a Delta Airlines group travel booking online on the site or through a phone call. They can book flights for ten or more people on a single flight and get access to the best deals. To obtain quick assistance, talk to a live person, and they will find the best fares for your group trip.

If you want to purchase group flight tickets online, follow the given steps.
  • Firstly, visit the official webpage of Delta Air Lines Group Travel. 
  • After that, click the “ BOOK GROUP TRAVEL NOW” button.
  • You will see an online application. Fill out the form by giving the right information.
  • The form is categorized into five parts.
  • Firstly, explain your group trip type.
  • Secondly, give your personal and trip details.
  • Next, mention your travel information.
  • In case you have a special request, include it in the fourth part.
  • In the last part, the team will verify your group travel request.

Install the airline’s mobile app and find the best fare for making a Delta Airlines group travel booking. Talk to the executive for instant help.

Can I Book Delta Airlines Group Travel Offline?

Delta Airlines also allows passengers to book group travel over the phone. You can call the Delta group travel phone number 800-532-4777 or +1-860-364-8917 and speak to an expert. The phone number is easily available in the group travel section, and you can find good deals for your groups directly through the agents.

Follow These Steps to Book Delta Group Travel by Phone

  • Go to Delta Airlines official website and find the contact us section.
  • Find the group travel contact number 800-532-4777 or +1-860-364-8917 (Mon-Sun from 8 to 8) and call the experts from your phone.
  • After that, you can follow the instructions from the IVR automated voice
  • Choose the option to connect to a Delta Airlines live person and start with your requests once you connect.
  • You can explain your concern and ask for the group travel booking.
  • The agent will ask you for a few details about your booking requirements and even send you the booking form.
  • Fill him in about the details and confirm your Delta group travel.

The agent will find you the best quote for your group/meeting travel, and you can proceed with your vacation with the airline. You can also call Delta Airlines customer service for further requests with the airline.

How Many Days In Advance Can We Book Delta Group Travel?

You already know that Delta Airlines allows group bookings for ten or more passengers, and you can request a booking in advance. But if you wish to know how many days before, you can plan a group booking. Refer to the table below and find it out!

Travel withinNo.Of days before the flight
USA and Canada240
Central America240
The Caribbean240
Europe and North Africa331
Southern and West Africa331
Middle East331

So, no matter whether you are traveling for work or just for fun, use Delta Airlines group or meeting travel booking and travel with ease on exciting fares.

Delta offers its group travel scheme for flights that travel to/ from the USA, Canada, Central America, Europe, North Africa, Asia-pacific, middle-east, and southern & west Africa. Also, the maximum advance period to book these tickets varies across different regions. 

Advantages of Making a Delta Airlines Group Booking

There are several benefits of making a group flight reservation. If you are planning a group trip, you can get access to the Delta Airlines group travel discounts. Moreover, seek instant facilitation from the travel experts and get to know about the current deals. Some of them are given below.

  • Hold group flight bookings – If you are unsure of the group trip, you can hold a flight reservation for 24 hours. After that, you can make the final payment or cancel the entire trip for free. However, you have to pay a token amount to hold group flight tickets until you are sure of the trip.
  • Pay later option – Passengers who have booked Delta Airlines multi-city flights under group travel can avail of the pay later option. Moreover, you can make monthly installments and complete the trip without creating a financial burden.
  • 24/7 travel assistance – Delta provides additional 24/7 assistance to the group travelers and helps them customize a package with the best services. A team of experts deals with resolving flyer issues and providing appropriate solutions. From booking and changing a flight booking, you can reach out to the team for quick help.
  • Free name changes – Suppose you have made spelling errors and you want to correct the name before flying. In that case, reach out to the team and tell them to update your name spelling. Moreover, you can only change three characters for free. For other upgrades, the airline will impose non-refundable change fees.

Contact the Delta Team to Book Group Flight Tickets

Delta group experts help travelers plan itineraries for groups of ten or more people on the same flight. Moreover, one can obtain the benefits of competitive fares, flexible flight ticketing options, and managing group travel. In addition, the customer service is applicable from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm EST. Dial Delta Airlines Telefono at 800-532-4777 and contact a flight representative for instant help and guidance.

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