Delta companion ticket – How do I get it?

If you travel with Delta Airlines often, you must be a SkyMiles member and have heard of the Miles benefits. One such benefit of being a SkyMiles member is the Delta Companion ticket and certificates. Delta issues this certificate every year for passengers who are Skymiles reserve card bearers. The below article carries all the information on your Companion certificates and their benefits.

Passengers who are Delta SkyMiles Members with Platinum Amex Card get a Main Cabin Domestic Companion Certificate on renewal every year.

What are Delta Companion Certificates?

When you are a Delta Skymiles Platinum or Reserve Amex Card bearer, you get a Companion certificate by renewing your card every year. This Certificate helps you take one special person with you on a domestic two-way flight eligible for purchase.

In short, you get two tickets for the price of only one. However, it only comes with some of Delta‘s co-branded cards, and not all of them. You can not find a Delta companion ticket international flight booking because it’s only available for domestic travel. But you have to pay a 75 USD amount as tax or an additional fee.

Passengers can use a Delta Companion Ticket once per year per card before its date of expiration.

How does a Delta Companion Ticket work?

If you wonder, How do Delta companion tickets work? You are at the right place. Talking about the companion benefit, delta Passengers do not immediately get the certificate right away on opening an account. You only get it once you’ve used your Delta SkyMiles Platinum AMEX Card or the Reserve AMEX Card for a year.

Eligibility of Fare Cabin on booking:

  • Passengers with a Platinum Amex Card certificate can book main cabin roundtrip fare within the Continental USA.
  • Those having a Reserve Amex card can conversely use it on both main cabin and comfort+, as well as first-class domestic tickets.

In addition, if you do not book a flight for yourself and a companion before its expiration date or take the flight, you will lose your benefit for the year.

What are the rules for Delta Companion Ticket?

Passnegers who want to book their air travel with the companion certificate benefit must follow the Delta companion ticket rules completely. Otherwise, their travel booking should not be valid.

Basic Rules and Conditions for Delta Platinum and Reserve Amex Card Tickets

  • Only Basic Card members can take the benefit of the delta Amex companion ticket, and it is not available to additional card members.
  • This certificate is only valid for a single round-trip flight with any incurring taxes and fees.
  • You can only take flights within the USA to any location between Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, etc.
  • You will get a new companion ticket every year after the renewal of your Amex card.
  • Check with the airline experts if you want to know about the companion luggage and other allowances.
  • Also, you must pay the fees or taxes associated with the companion ticket while paying for the primary tickets.
  • Use the ticket benefit before the Delta companion certificate blackout dates and take your loved ones along on vacation with Delta.

How do I redeem my Companion Certificate on Delta?

Passengers who are looking for options to redeem Delta Amex companion ticket can use the simple steps to book their flights and use them. Before you redeem the certificate, you can first look it up using one of the three options:

  • See in Your Profile
  • Find using the Skymiles Number under Delta redeem
  • Check with the 8-character certificate code in your email

Once you have your Companion certificate details, all that is left is to redeem. Let’s find out the steps in detail.

Follow these steps to redeem a Delta Companion ticket:

  • Open the official Delta website and locate the Delta companion certificate page.
  • Scroll down to find the “Redeem Now” link to enter the booking options.
  • Select and review your flights under the book a flight section of Delta.
  • Now, enter the Trip Summary page and make any changes necessary.
  • After that, confirm your booking by entering the payment details.
  • The calculator will show the Companion certificate is applied, and your trip total will now display.
  • Finalize your vacations with your favorite people by confirming the trips.

You will receive a confirmation email to your registered ID on the successful Delta Airlines Ticket Booking with your partners.

How to transfer the Delta companion certificate?

It is certainly possible if you want to transfer or gift your Delta companion pass to somebody else. The only requirement is that you need to pay for the flight using the Delta Card in which you got the companion certificate. However, it is not necessary for the cardholder to be the one traveling on the booking. So, in short, you can book Delta companion travel with anyone on your list and for any two passengers in total using your own card.

Passengers who have any questions related to their AMEX card companion tickets can call Delta Airlines customer service at 1-855-551-2113 and obtain the necessary help.

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