Passengers can use a Delta Airlines gift card for worldwide travel. Moreover, redeem a gift card on booking flights or any vacation package, including airfare services. You can gift yourself a card and enjoy exploring your favorite places. The airline will deliver the card to your inbox or mailbox. Most importantly, the card comes with no expiration date, so you can use it anytime you like. Flyers can redeem points for a Delta Airlines gift card of $100 and avail of great deals on flight ticket purchases, shopping, games, and videos.

Different types of Delta Airlines Gift Cards

You can buy Delta Airlines gift cards for a particular person or buy them in bulk to send to multiple people. Moreover, there are a variety of gift cards available for purchase.

  • eGift cards
  • Physical gift cards
  • Corporate or Bulk gift cards

One can use a gift card when traveling on Delta Airlines and flights operated by partner airlines, including Delta Connection. If you have a card, redeem them on the airline’s official site, at the airport, or through a phone call.

Terms and Conditions on using Delta Airlines Gift Cards

Travelers can use a gift card after meeting the requirements and avail of exclusive perks. No matter if you are buying an eGift or physical gift card, the airline imposes some rules and regulations on each card. Let’s have a look.

  • Find your gift card number and PIN Redemption code in the eGift card or on the back of the actual gift card.
  • Moreover, passengers may not use eGifts and cards within 72 hours after the time of purchase.
  • Redeeming eGifts and cards are available to redeem using the options given below.
  1. i) You can redeem a gift card at the airline’s official site on making a Delta Airlines booking.
  2. ii) Call on the flight reservation center and ask the representative if you want to redeem an eGift or a card. Moreover, if you reside in the U.S and Canada, call 800-225-1366 or 800-225-2525. But when in Japan, dial 0570-077733 or 0476-31-8000.

iii) Additionally, redeem on or by calling on 800-800-1504 for holiday packages.

  1. iv) Use a card at a Delta Air ticket office or with Delta Airlines Airport Customer Service.
  2. v) Go through the airline’s General Sales Agent to redeem a gift card.

Other Rules and Regulations for Delta Airlines Gift Card Redeem

  • To Delta Airlines gift card redeem, you can call on 800-221-1212 for a balance check and another customer service.
  • Moreover, passengers can use eGifts and cards for the final purchase of air transportation, including taxes, surcharges, and taxes.
  • You cannot use them on any additional charges like baggage fees or any other airfare products.
  • Redeem gift cards for travel purposes on marketed flights operated by Delta Airlines, including those served as Delta Connection.
  • In addition, gift cards may be used for the transportation portion of a holiday package.
  • Most importantly, cards are not reloadable and do not expire. No service or inactivity fees shall apply.
  • A gift card Delta Airlines is not refundable, and one cannot redeem or exchange them for cash, check, or credit.
  • Only Delta and Delta-licensed vendors can sell eGifts and cards.
  • Delta holds the right to cancel, refuse, or hold for review transactions using cards for any suspicious activity.

Where can I use Delta Airlines Gift Cards?

Passengers with Delta Airlines gift cards can make purchases through the airline’s official site, Delta Sky Clubs, and verified retailers. Moreover, it includes Target, Best Buy, and Walmart. Additionally, grocery stores like Kroger, Publix, Albertsons, and medical stores, including CVS Pharmacy, and Rite Aid, offer card redemption. Gift card owners can also make purchases at home stores like Home Depot, Bed Bath, beyond, and Lowe’s.

Contact Delta Airlines for Assistance with Gift Cards

If you want to purchase a gift card on Delta Airlines, you may reach out to a flight representative on a phone call. Moreover, dial Delta Espanol Telefono at 1 (800) 221-1212 and seek quick assistance in Spanish. The agent will help you purchase the best gift card. So that you can enjoy a number of perks and fly with peace of mind. Redeem a gift card on making a Delta Airlines booking and fly to your favorite destination with utmost comfort and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a Delta Airlines Gift Card with points?

Passengers can redeem miles to buy a gift card and get access to the Delta Airlines gift card discount. Moreover, there are several services for which one can use a gift card, including travel, shopping, magazines, and buying a gift card. Log into your SkyMiles account and mention your username and password to buy a card. After that, click on the “Log In” button.

Does Delta Airlines Gift Card Expire?

Delta Airlines gift cards do not expire, and no service or inactivity charges shall apply to the gift card holder. Moreover, the cards are not reloadable.

Can you use multiple Gift Cards on Delta?

Delta allows flyers to use up to three gift cards per transaction on the airline’s official site. Moreover, if you want to redeem more than three cards for a single purchase, you may call on 1-800-225-1366. After that, an assistant from the flight reservation team will get back to you and offers the best travel assistance.

How can I get a free Gift Card from Delta Airlines?

All gift cards can be used towards airfare and travel-related services at Delta Airlines’ official site or at the airport. Moreover, to receive a complimentary gift card, sign up for Swagbucks or earn 10000 SB by taking surveys. Also, you can grab Delta Airlines gift card deals on the purchase of a gift card of $100. Besides, exchange your SB for getting a free gift card and enjoying great offers on travel and other airfare purchases.

How can I check the Balance of a Gift Card?

  • If you want to check your gift card balance, move to the airline’s official site.
  • After that, you can mention your gift card number and PIN or Redemption code.
  • Then, click on the “Look Up” button.
  • The next page will show you the exact balance of your gift card purchased on Delta Airlines.
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