How can I hold a flight reservation on Delta?

Hold A Flight Reservation On Delta

Have you planned everything for air travel, but you just can not go on with it for now? It happens, and it is normal enough for you to decide to put a hold on your fare unless you decide it. Delta Airlines is always looking for ways to enhance customer experience, So you can easily hold a flight reservation on Delta and confirm your flights when the decision is final.

Delta provides hold on both award flights and regular flights. To learn about this service in detail, you can check the Delta Fare Lock service in detail. In the sections below, we have curated all the information about holding flight reservations on Delta Airlines.

Can I hold a reservation on Delta Airlines?

Delta always looks to its customers like how to make their experience seamless, so they return. Therefore, if you are looking forward to planning an itinerary, but do not know if it’s final, use the Delta Fare lock service. This option will let you Hold a flight reservation on Delta for up to 24 hours without a charge.

The service is free, but you need to pay 25 US dollars extra if you want to continue with the purchase. But the airline only charges you this fee when you contact Delta customer service to book the flights over the call.

What is Delta Fare Lock?

Delta Fare Lock is available for all customers with a SkyMiles Membership with the airline. So, if you are still not a member, create a Skymiles account today! This option will lock your flight fare for 24 straight hours free of cost. Now, let us take a closer look at tips to hold your fare with the airline!

How do Delta passengers hold their flight bookings/fares?

Delta allows you to hold your flights and confirm them later. The only catch is that they’ll charge a 25 USD fee as an extra cost as Direct Ticketing charges. Here are some of the Ways to hold a Flight reservation on Delta Airlines and plan your vacations when you are sure.

  • Create a Skymiles account for free if you do not have one and begin the process.
  • Or, connect with Delta Airlines customer service to hold the booking if you use cash or check instead of a card.
  • You can hold your reservations for at most 24 hours straight and get it for a simple ticketing charge after you decide on the booking.
  • Making reservations is easily possible through the manage booking section by logging in to your Skymiles account and locating the flight details.
  • Call Delta if you can not find a reservation under the Skymiles account flight trips and pay 25 USD to confirm it.

If you do not want to proceed with the booking anymore, you can let it expire. In other words, you do not have to do anything if you don’t want a reservation after putting it on hold, and it may expire in 24 hours.

Can I hold my flight booking for free?

If you wonder How to reserve a flight without paying delta, you should rest assured. Delta Airlines lets you hold your flights for free for one day after making the booking.

You can book a ticket or use the Hold fare option to lock the given fare for 24 hours, and you have to make a final decision within this time. If you do not have a decision yet and want to hold the tickets for more days, you must pay the Fare lock charges.

Henceforth, you must book and cancel within 24 hours of the booking when you have unconfirmed plans instead of going for the fare lock. But still, if you have a slight bit of certainty, you can easily hold it for 24 hours and let it expire later.

Call Delta customer service for Hold or cancel the Hold reservation

Passengers who wish to put flights on hold can call Delta Airlines customer service at 1 (800) 221-1212 and connect to the airline expert for it. They can also contact Delta experts 24/7 to cancel the flight that is already on hold.

So, it is easy to hold a flight reservation on Delta, and if you do not require it, call Delta Airlines phone number to revoke your hold. This gives you a chance to get the most out of your plans and enjoy a trip if it is finally decided.

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