Did you know that you can ask for your money back if your flight is running late by more than three hours? If regular air passengers are aware of the rules of Delta Flight Delay Compensation, they can save their hard-earned money.

US Department of Transportation says that flyers can ask for compensation upon a significant change in flight schedule for which they don’t want it anymore. Such delays can be frustrating as they change the entire travel journey of the passenger.

Read more and learn what your rights are when you also face delays on your flight.

Does Delta Compensate For Delays?

Yes, it does.

The Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy states that you can ask for compensation against a flight running late. The same applies to cancellations, diversions, late baggage arrivals, and tarmac delays. These are the situations when travelers can ask for compensation in an appropriate form:

  • When the airline has itself canceled your flight.
  • Also, when your flight is late by more than 3 hours.
  • Besides, there is a diversion that you were not aware of earlier.
  • Furthermore, you will receive compensation if your baggage has arrived late or is lost.

To claim Delta Flight Delay Compensation, you must not agree to unfair terms and don’t sign an agreement where you have to give up the right to ask for it.

What Compensation Do You Get For A Delayed Flight Delta?

Any passenger whose flight is more than two hours late will receive a wide range of Delta delayed flight compensation facilities. Monetary benefits may vary. Be an aware customer and learn what you will receive when the flight is late due to controllable reasons:

  • Communicate For Free: Flyers can inform their family members, colleagues, or friends that their flight is running late for free at Delta. You can make calls, send an email, and avail the internet to send messages through your device.
  • Ticket Refund: You can ask for a refund of your ticket as per Delta Airlines delayed flight compensation rules when you aren’t willing to travel anymore or can’t rebook another flight to the same destination.
  • Meal/ Refreshments: Free meals and non-alcoholic drinks are available when your flight is not on time for more than two hours, and you have to wait for another flight with the same itinerary.
  • Rebook another flight: The Rules of Delta Flight Delay Compensation also mention that flights late by more than 5 hours can rebook another flight for the same destination. Although, you should approach the airline’s staff to rebook another flight.
  • Hotel Stay: When the airways can’t provide you an alternative for the same day if you were bumped involuntarily, then you will get a transportation credit valued upto $100. You will get a hotel stay if they find a suitable room with a contracted hotel.

Passengers departing from a European airport can receive up to $700/ €600 as Delta Delay Flight Compensation Amount, apart from their right to seek a refund.

How Do I Claim Compensation For A Delayed Delta Flight?

Commuters can ask for their share of Delta Airlines flight delay compensation by filing a request form online or calling Delta travel agents @ 1(800) 221-1212. If you are at the airport, seek guidance from the airline staff on their service Kiosks.

Method 1: Visit The Website

The amount for damages varies as per the country where your flight is supposed to take off. For example, Europe has one of the most strict compensation guidelines for airlines. The rules to receive payment for your damages are different in the USA.

Seek reimbursement of your damages online this way:

  • Firstly, keep documents like boarding passes, invoices, further expenses, and evidence of delay. Besides, don’t forget to ask the airlines the reason behind the delay.
  • After all the preparations, visit the official website and login into your account.
  • Check out the MY TRIPS option and find the compensation form for the refundable ticket.
  • Accurately fill in the details such as last name, booking reference ID, etc.
  • Also, do not forget to attach documents that support your claim along with the form.
  • Delta will receive your request and look for the eligibility of your request. If it qualifies for reimbursement, it will tell you the timeline by which you will get back your amount. Also, don’t sign any document that revokes your right to ask for delayed Flights Compensation.

In the meantime, don’t forget to contact your credit card provider immediately. When the customer service team of Delta Airlines reaches you with more questions, respond immediately to avoid denial of your claim. Also, keep multiple copies of the application form.

Method 2: Get Assistance From A Live Human

When the airways delay/ cancels your flight due to controllable reasons, you can ask for flight delay compensation from Delta via the customer assistance team.

  • Firstly, gather all your travel documents and proof of Delta flight delays before getting in touch with a live agent at the airline.
  • After that, dial the universal assistance phone number 1(800) 221-1212 and wait for the IVR to connect your call.
  • Inform the flight delay when you talk to a real person. They will verify your detail and confirm the same.
  • Furthermore, tell them your booking and personal information for them to register your compensation request.

They will register your request and provide you with a tracking request number. You can use it to check if your application is approved or rejected and by how long you will receive an amount for your damages.

How Long Does Your Flight Have To Be Delayed To Get Compensation?

To obtain Delta compensation for delayed flights, your flight must be late by more than 3 hours of its scheduled time. However, this time also varies depending upon your flight distance. This time limit may be less for flights with lesser distances and vice versa.

Note that some rules don’t apply equally to flights departing from the UK and USA. There could be a difference in their amount.

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