How much does Delta charge for bags?

Are you traveling Delta for your next trip and wish to know, How much does Delta charge for bags? In that case, you should know about the Delta Airlines baggage policy in detail. Only then can you understand the charges on your bags.

Delta always wants the passengers to be ready for what’s about to come next on their travel plan with them. Therefore, the airline ensures you should be aware of everything about your baggage, whether it’s before, after, or even during your flight.

Wondering about the Delta charge for bags and other carry-on items? You can keep reading and find out the complete details.

Does Delta charge for each bag?

Are you the main Cabin passenger with Delta Airlines on a domestic flight within the USA? Well, in that case, if you do not have any American Express Delta SkyMiles card, you are not active military personnel, or you do not have any Medallion status, call Delta charge for bags and know the payment details.

There are the basic charge details:

  • Delta Airlines will charge you 30 Dollars for the first standard checked baggage. Its weight limit should not be more than 50lbs.
  • Also, you get to take a free carry-on bag and a personal item at no cost.
  • The charge will be 40 Dollars for your second standard checked bag with a weight of no more than 23 kg.

Basic Baggage Guidelines

  • You cannot take bags more than a total length, width, + height dimensions of 62 inches with you.
  • Your personal items can be a purse, a camera bag, a diaper bag, or a small backpack for a laptop and other handy things of the same size as them.
  • The airline will allow you to take a jacket, umbrella, and food bought past the security checkpoint and will not ask for Delta charges for carry-on bags.
  • You can also take Special items such as wheelchairs, strollers, safety seats, child restraint devices, or mobility devices like your crutches totally free of charge.
  • The first standard checked luggage is free for American Express Delta SkyMiles card holders, Medallion members, and on-duty personnel in Military services.
  • Each way price of checked baggage can vary based on your route and travel class.

Does Delta charge for bags? —calculate by yourself online.

Delta Airlines usually charges the passengers for their checked luggage items, and there is no charge for personal items or carry-on. Moreover, this price may vary from your departure or destination. You need to check and calculate the possible amount before you proceed with packing all the stuff.

So, if you have been looking up Delta charges for checked bags, you will find a way to calculate an estimate online. The airline lets you see the most accurate baggage fee estimate for your approaching flight. You can follow these steps and check the bags price:

  • Check Delta charge for bags with your trip

Delta Airlines allows you to check your baggage charge as per your trip. If you have an upcoming trip, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Delta Airlines website.
  2. Enter the My trips section and log in using your trip details.
  3. Finally, calculate the baggage estimate under the bookings section.
  • Check the luggage detail without your trip.

If you do not have any Delta Airlines booking yet, you can check the luggage charge online from the Baggage overview page. To check, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the link.
  2. Here find the “Calculate Baggage Without a Trip” option.
  3. Now, provide the desired flight information.
  4. Also, enter the passenger information with the details of special status if applicable.
  5. Click on the “Calculate estimate” button to view an estimate of baggage fee.

This way, you can know whether Delta’s charge for bags is right or not and if you can afford that! So, feel free to check as you please.

Important note:

The baggage allowance may change if your Credit card status or medallion status changes. Also, on flights operated by delta airlines, you can take a carry-on and a personal item at no extra cost. However, for other carriers, there is a fee.

Delta Baggage Charges and Fees

Baggage Category
FeeMax Weight
Max Size (L+W+H)
I Checked bag$3050lbs
62 inches for all except oversized bags
II checked bag$4050lbs
III checked bag$15050lbs
IV checked bag$20050lbs
Overweight luggage+$10051-70lbs
Excess luggage+$20071-100lbs
Oversized luggage+$20050lbs63″-80″

Is there any exception for Delta Charge for bags?

You can check for the delta Airlines baggage rules and charges and find more information on the items you can take. Moreover, there are also some exceptions for Medallion and Active Military members.

All the details of baggage fees and excess luggage can be seen in the points below. So, make your decision after you go through all these points.

  • Excess/Overweight baggage

You should learn how many bags a passenger gets to take on his flight with Delta Airlines. Also, the cost of excess luggage depends on the destination type.

  • Military Luggage

Delta is always delighted to serve those who serve the country. You can review the USA active duty military personal baggage allowance in detail before booking.

  • Baggage for Medallion members & SkyMiles Amex cardholders

Delta always is thankful for your loyalty. You can check the eligibility for baggage if you are also a high-status holder in your Delta account.

In conclusion,

You have to pay unless you come into the exceptions category of passengers. You can dial Delta Airlines Espanol phone number for more information on the Delta charge for bags. If you still don’t have a satisfactory answer, you can connect with our team of experts.

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