Do you want to get a flight boarding pass for the upcoming flight but don’t know how? If yes, you can check in 24 hours before departure and obtain your Delta boarding pass within a few clicks.

Delta Airlines allows passengers to check in in different ways, beginning 24 hours and ending 45 minutes before departure. Meanwhile, one can get a flight boarding pass and super comfortable reserve seats. However, the seat charges are not included in the ticket fares, and you have to pay the fees during check-in. Call on 1 (800) 221-1212 to get a Delta boarding pass and make a seat reservation of your choice for your current flight booking at your convenience.

What is a Flight Boarding Pass?

A flight boarding pass is a document given to a passenger during flight check-in. Your boarding pass may give you access to a lounge and priority flight boarding. Moreover, the pass permits you to enter the restricted area of an airport and board the scheduled flight. If you have booked Delta flights, you can check in 24 hours before departure. After that, obtain a Delta flight boarding pass via the site, mobile app, kiosks, self-service centers, and at the airport.

How to check in and get a Boarding Pass Delta Online?

Delta lets passengers check in on the airline’s official site, mobile app, in-person at the airport, and kiosk center. Moreover, you have to show your valid ID proof issued by the government for the verification process. Additionally, the airport representative will ask you to show your flight boarding pass. You may have to show additional travel-related documents when flying within an international route. Log into your account 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure to access your Delta flight boarding pass on the official site or mobile app.

Follow the below steps to do flight check-in online on Delta Airlines.
  • First, go to the airline’s official site.
  • Second, click on the check-in section.
  • Now, enter your last name and flight confirmation number.
  • Then, fill in your “from Airport” column and click on the “Search” button.
  • You can check-in for your booked flight beginning at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Now, you can receive your flight boarding pass and also make a seat reservation of your choice.
  • You can pay the seat selection charges in the next step and end the procedure.
  • Finally, the airline will drop a confirmation mail to your registered email address regarding the check-in process.

If you face any trouble when check-in or getting a boarding pass delta online, contact the airline’s customer service team.

Can I get a Mobile Boarding Pass on Delta Airlines?

Flyers can receive a mobile boarding pass on Delta Airlines after check-in at least 24 hours before departure. Moreover, you can get a mobile boarding pass to your iPhone wallet through an email and app.

  • With your iPhone wallet, access your boarding pass and show it to the representative at the airport for verification.
  • Additionally, download the airline’s official mobile app, allowing you to check-in and retrieve your boarding pass on your device.
  • Otherwise, visit the airline’s official site and choose the email option to get your flight boarding pass.

How to check in on the Fly Delta App?

To enjoy a seamless interface, you can install the airline’s official mobile application and check-in at your convenience. After that, you can request a flight boarding pass and also choose your favorite seats. However, seat selection charges are not included in the ticket fare, and you have to pay the additional charges.

Here are the following steps to follow when checking in on the Fly Delta App.

  • First, get the Delta Fly app on your smartphone, and you can check in as a guest passenger.
  • Second, log in or register yourself for a SkyMiles account.
  • After that, you can add your flight ticket confirmation number to access all your trips.
  • Once you have logged in, you can check in automatically at least 24 hours before your flight departure.
  • Finally, you can see your flight boarding pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Delta Boarding Pass on my Phone?

  • Download the airline’s free mobile app to retrieve your mobile boarding pass on Delta within a few clicks.
  • Suppose you have checked in for your itinerary; you have to sign in for your flight reservation. Moreover, use your flight confirmation number and last name to check in.
  • You can get your flight boarding pass once you have completed the check-in process.
  • Furthermore, click on the “Add to Apple Wallet” button.
  • Now hit the “Tap” button to confirm the addition of your pass to your mobile device.
  • Consequently, you can access your mobile boarding pass on the mobile app or on your home screen.

Can I use my Delta app as a boarding pass?

  • Passengers can log in or register as a guest for a SkyMiles account to do flight check-in and get a boarding pass.
  • After that, mention your confirmation number to view your itinerary.
  • Once you are logged in, you can automatically check in for your flight.
  • Next, use the “Today Mode” to check your flight boarding pass.

Can I Screenshot my Boarding Pass?

Yes, you can take a picture or screenshot of your flight boarding pass on your mobile device. Moreover, the screenshot will appear in your gallery, and you can show the same at the airport during check-in.

Can I Carry a Soft Copy of the Boarding Pass?

Flyers may use a soft copy and a PDF file of your flight boarding pass on Delta Airlines. Once you reach the airport, use any version of your pass and give it to the airport executive. It is done for the verification process at the time when you are ready to board the flight.

How do I get my Boarding Pass after online check-in?

You can see your trip details and flight confirmation number in your account’s “Flights and Hotels” section. It includes check-in for your flight, airport arrival, and boarding pass options. Furthermore, print out a boarding pass on the site when you check in or are at the airport. Moreover, there are three ways to get a boarding pass Delta 24 hours before the flight departure.

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