Have you booked your flight reservations and want to upgrade to the first class on Delta Airlines? If yes, get to know about the ways to make upgrade tickets to a Delta Airline first class booking.

Delta Airlines offers travelers a wide range of high-quality services and an easy ability to upgrade travel classes. Moreover, upgrade a booking to a more upper class and get access to a more comfortable and seamless flight experience. You can sit on the reclining seats with extra legroom and enjoy premium drinks when traveling. Medallion members can enjoy complimentary upgrades using Skymiles and upgrade bookings into a Delta Airline first class.

Different types of Delta flight upgrades

If you have made a Delta Airlines booking, you can upgrade your flight ticket to different travel classes. It includes Comfort Plus, First Class, Premium Select, and domestic Delta One Business class. In addition, the airline provides both paid and complimentary upgrades to the passengers.

Here is a list of five Delta upgrades that you can choose for your flight booking.

Complimentary upgrades – Medallion members are eligible for upgrades to Delta first class, Comfort Plus, and Delta One within the 50 states. Moreover, they can enjoy making ticket upgrades when traveling with Delta partner Aeromexico. Most importantly, there is no limit on the upgrades that you can make. Your Medallion status will determine your priority on the upgrade list. However, the other factors explain the priority within a specific tier.

Global upgrades -Global upgrades come with a benefit for Delta Diamond Medallion members. Moreover, these are one of the greatest perks. One can choose Global Upgrade Certificates as part of the Choice Benefits program. Additionally, the certificate will help you make upgrades to Premium Select or long haul flights on Delta.

Delta regional upgrade certificates – Delta Platinum and Diamond Medallion members can obtain benefits from the regional upgrade certificates. Moreover, you can redeem the certificate on Delta routes, offering complimentary upgrades, and receive a first priority upgrade service.

Upgrade with miles – Passengers can join the frequent flyer program of Delta Airlines and earn miles on each trip. Moreover, you can use miles to make upgrades to the existing seating class. Use your reward miles to upgrade to Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First class, and Delta Comfort plus flights.

Same-day standby flight upgrades – Same-day standby upgrades are available for purchase after doing flight check-in. Moreover, the upgrades are applicable on flights operating within North American routes.

Flyers can upgrade to a Delta first class and get access to wider seats, more space, and several complementary facilities.

How to upgrade to first class on Delta?

Passengers can upgrade flight bookings to Delta Airlines first class and get access to extra comfort and premium facilities. Moreover, there are two ways to upgrade tickets, including online and offline modes depending on one’s convenience.

You can follow the below steps to make an upgrade to Delta Airlines first class.
  • Firstly, reach the airline’s official site on your web browser.
  • Secondly, search for the “Manage Trips” section.
  • Now, type in your last name and ticket reference code on the specific columns.
  • Next, click on the “Edit” button in the seat selection option.
  • You can now upgrade your flight to a first class from the given seat map and the seat class category. However, when confused between Delta one vs first class, check the facilities offered by a particular class on the site.
  • Furthermore, move to the payment mode and pay for the travel class upgrade service.
  • Finally, the airline will send a confirmation mail to your registered email address regarding your upgrade request.

Contact the airline’s customer service team to seek instant assistance from experts when upgrading flights to Delta Airlines first class.

Use your Skymiles to upgrade to a Delta Airlines first class

If you are a member of the airline’s loyalty program, you can earn and redeem miles by making flight upgrades. Moreover, the service will help you modify your seats, travel class, or choose other facilities for more comfort.

  • Upgrade your flight that you have already booked – Passengers can use the miles to upgrade to a first class or other high class on the official site/app. Moreover, as a Medallion Member, you can use miles for flight upgrades within the 50 US destinations. The best part is you can use miles to upgrade for other travelers even if you are not flying.
  • Upgrade to a first class when booking flights – You can redeem miles to make an upgrade when making a Delta Airlines booking for eligible flights. Moreover, if your flight is applicable for an upgrade, you will see the same in your Trip summary. You need to add your Skymiles number to your flight reservation during the flight booking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a free upgrade to first class on Delta?

To upgrade to a first class Delta flight, you can provide your Medallion Skymiles number to the flight representative. Consequently, the team member will automatically upgrade your reservation to a first class for free if the seats are available. Remember that members with Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status will receive a higher seating priority.

What happens at Delta First Class?

Flyers can make a Delta Airlines booking to a first class and enjoy complimentary food, drinks, and comfortable seats. Moreover, the class will offer lounge access, free Wi-Fi, easily accessible power outlets, magazines, and newspapers, and access to workstations. There are complimentary snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and alcoholic beverages, including crafted beers and wine.

Are Delta first class drinks free?

Delta Sky Clubs provide a fresh and great meal and drinks service for your journey. However, the items may vary with different locations and times of the day. It includes free drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic depending on the availability. Most importantly, the drinks are given to someone who is 21 plus and has a legal right to drink.

Do you get free WIFI on Delta?

Yes, if you share a Medallion status and have upgraded your flights to a first class, enjoy free Wi-Fi. Moreover, download games, movies, or videos using the high-speed internet and enjoy your travel experience.

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